Wanhao Duplicator 9 – D9 – Technical ‘stuff’


Getting right into the guts of this thing, there’s a few basic discoveries

There’s two names on the market –

Monoprice MP Maker Pro Mk.1 is an alternate supplier of this printer – Externally they look identical!


Main Board


Lots of Plugs and connectors!, it’s a custom developed board with an Arduino Mega 2560 clone on board! 




The LCD Hardware

Tricky one this

it looks, externally quite similar to the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus and the Wanhao Duplicator 7

A fairly clear, Resistive touch based display..


From the rear –


Printed on a sticker – Part Numbers – F480272T043

Bar Code – *180206*

PCB Silkscreen – 095P2E13732A0

Main IC is a 128 pin TQFP – Dwin.com.cn T5  with the following markings N1GK32.00A-1 1742-CM8


Resistive Screen Overlay- T 8902 , SF 1746

very few of the part numbers google well…

DWIN though on the chip, that’s familiar!

Wanhao software / Firmware Page

One of the folders in the new 1.6.1 firmware is called DWIN_SET


Having a nose through the folder gives us a file called CONFIG.txt


STOP_DWIN_OS; looks great, that suggests that this thing is running DWIN_OS! connecting to COM7 at 115200 Baud (i assume, as 115200 rarely comes up in anything other than serial comms speed)

No idea what the other stuff means, can’t find a SYS_CFG file

Lets Google


3rd hit is a Wanhao hit!……..GITHUB, cool, we can get the source code, possibly? – those lines look great thugh, similar to my config.txt file in the firmware –

Clicking through brings us to a LCD code repository for the Duplicator i3 Plus – the OS looks broadly similar to the D7 – chances are, it’s the same, or similar LCD – which means at a later time, I can have fun ‘poking around’ in the code and possibly customising things a little

Lets poke here  – Opening this file in Notepad++

Wanhao-I3-Plus/LCD/i3 PLUS LCD/DWprj.tft 

Gives some gibberish and some clear text –

CDwinTerminal, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null

doesn’t mean much to me right now though, maybe later……


Opening this file though gives a nice text file….

Wanhao-I3-Plus/LCD/i3 PLUS LCD/DWprj.hmi


Which is 219 lines long and just seems a cross reference for actions, i.e. action 1, show 1.bmp, action 88, show 88.bmp

Nice and easy to design for – this now shows that the LCD is a self contained ‘computer’ that just responds and transmits simple serial data at 115200 baud, is 480×272..and runs DWIN_OS

That’s for the i3 Plus…which is now a couple of years old, but given the DWIN markings on the D9 chip, I’d probably say it’s going to be an identical, if not similar LCD type in the D9 ………we’ll see


…….waaay too much down the rabbit hole for today

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