Wanhao Duplicator 9 – D9 – Technical ‘stuff’ – Part Deux, the LCD Part number!


As you can gather, I get a little sidetracked, this thing’s a 3D printer and, well, I’ve not done a huge amount of 3D printering yet……….Ah well

Lets go back to DWIN.com.cn  

The T5 Processor on the back of the LCD


it’s a Custom jobbie!, 0851 based, probably can have some fun somehow on that one

they do other things also!


Smart LCM and IOT seems good!, (Smart LCD Module I assume?)


Now we’re cooking!, Seems that there’s a solution called DGUS which operates the DWIN OS – this shows the LCD is a packaged module consisting of –

  • DWIN custom PCB and chips –
  • someone’s Raw LCD panel,
  • someone else’s raw resistive touch overlay

DGUS is DWIN graphics application service software, is DWIN’s innovative intelligent GUI software.

So, lets try to find out more about DGUS

A quick google for DGUS and we have a hit!

DWIN DGUS Display Development Guide

Looks like DGUS is some type of SDK / software that you can use to create fancy LCD Graphical User Interfaces

having a quick flick through the PDF Page 14 jumps out……….

Example of Config. File
R1=07 ; Baud rate, 0x07: 115200bps.
R2=20 ; SYS_CFG, Brightness can be changed via screen clicking, the parameters set up in R6, R7,R8
R6=40 ; Brightness of backlight, 0x40: 100% brightness.
R7=10 ; Brightness of backlight of sleep mode, 0x10: 25% brightness.
R8=14 ; Light-up time,units: 1.0 seconds,0x14=20 seconds.
R3=A5 ; High-byte of frame header: 0xA5.
RA=5A ; Low-byte of frame header: 0x5A.

Immediately jumps out, it explains the CONFIG.TXT file found in the 0.161 firmware CONFIGTXTCapture folder!







Wanhao Firmware .161 CONFIG.TXT file explained
R1=07 ; Baud rate, 0x07: 115200bps.
R2=08 ; System configuration Byte - 
R3=5A ; High-byte of frame header: 0x5A.
R6=40 ; Brightness of backlight, 0x40 = 100% brightness.
R7=00 ; Brightness of backlight of sleep mode, 0x10 = 25% brightness.
R8=3C ; Light-up time,units: 1.0 seconds,0x3C = 20 Seconds
RA=A5 ; Low-byte of frame header: 0xA5.

R2 is the only one that’s not immediately obvious, Page 13 helps there

08 Hex is the same in Decimal – 00001000 in Binary , Reading the table, the values start at Bit 0 and work up to Bit 7

Binary reads from Right to left (typically), my config file has Bit 3 enabled and no other!

Bit Number 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Decimal 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1
Binary 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
Value 8

Which, using the table  R2 (SYS_CFG configuration Byte) translates to
7 – Normal Display
6 – Normal Display
5 – Brightness is not set by touch screen
4 – Disable CRC16 Checksum in serial comms (makes it a bit easier to talk to main board
3 – Enable auto-upload of key code or data
2 – Initialise 56Kb access variable data to 0x00 (again makes code on the main board easier)
1 – Both this and bit 0 are set to 0 – 200ms response time for variable display – increases onboard processing power a little
0 –

In Summary – we’ve learned that the LCD is very easy to talk to over serial, and really is quite ingeniously ‘dumb’ in that it just displays Bitmap files and sends key presses…..

Totally useless really, unless we want to get in there and change those Bitmaps (for whatever reason!)

Idle thought of the day  – as it’s just a serial type comms, shouldn’t be too tricky to implement this exact LCD  on other 3D printers that are using far older Monochrome LCD tech – a lot are using the ancient 4×40 HD44780 type displays!

LCD – Further Checking

Clicking through DWIN’s website – There’s loads of links – Download’s always a good place to start 😉

There’s a Kernel Upgrade File –


Which unpacks nicely using WINRAR – AND has a PDF file included…quick screen grab is below………I’ve highlighted the suspect screen! – DMT48270T043_07W

T5CPU Firmware PDFCapture

I can’t read the language on that, however, I can read what looks like PART NUMBERS. To me, this reads like a list of screens that are compatible with this Firmware! – I think we can find out the actual OEM screen model or version number as  the one on the sticker didn’t google

The Text Reads F480272T043

Looks like a typo on the model number, or potentially minor obsfucation on Dwin or Wanhao’s part –

Lets google DMT48270T043_07W


This screen in the D9 is a minor variation of the standard screen – just removing the battery backup part it seems, otherwise, it’s identical! – Phew, now that means I can probably buy a cheap replacement from Aliexpress if I damage it any more than I already have by accidentally scratching it whilst assembling the printer (another story)


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