I’m an early 40’s Welsh bloke who was living in Sydney, Australia, now have moved back to the UK for a while

I’ve a Peruvian wife, two kids and a penchant for hoarding any old ‘crap’ with a plug socket and preferably a few LED’s

I’ll ramble on here from time to time with anecdotes and stories that may prove useful to others, or mostly to myself in forty years time if wordpress is still around and my memory is shot.

I’ve studied Electronics, though that finished up waaaay back in 2000, I’ve really forgotten most of it.

I own a few to many Raspberry Pi’s, an SLR, a few soldering irons, multimeters, waaay too many screwdrivers and obsolete laptops.

To contact me – Email Enquiry AT Bleugh.biz or use the form above


Dean Woodyatt

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