New D9 Y axis Bracket up on Thingiverse – V9

y axis bracket

Find it at the link below.

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Speaker enclosure design – 3D Printing First step……

Now I’ve decided upon construction of a 3D Printed Transmission Line enclosure I need to figure out just how….

Lets start on google – and… Website

oh – Marco Reps – another youtube that I subscribe to!

Some Speaker Stuff (copied from … )

Presumably, this lot means something which will help to figure out the optimum enclosure-y stuff ‘n thingies.

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Speaker enclosures……A rabbit hole…

Blimey, who’d have thought……

Back in the old days, it was as simple as ‘buy a speaker’ , shove it in a box and voila…….


Nowadays though…………

There’s quite a few, including the following types…………

  • Sealed enclosure
  • Infinite baffle
  • Open Baffle
  • Free-air
  • Bass reflex
  • Ported
  • Vented
  • Bandpass
  • Transmission Line
  • Folded Horn
  • Isobaric

Each has different properties, suited for different things……some are as easy as ‘shove it in a box’, others need complex enclosure geometry and some math………

Now, considering I have 5 speaker drivers waiting to be hooked up, own two 3D printers (and a CNC), Know a bit about Fusion360 and have a penchant for overthinking and overcomplicating stuff (hey, where’s the fun when it’s simple!?)…..I figured, lets learn a little bit about speaker enclosure design……

Turns out, there’s quite a few youtube videos……….

One in particular from a channel that I’d already subscribed to a few months ago…….HexiBase – Can a 3D printed enclosure Get low

Look at the size of that box!……..It uses a Folded Waveguide type resonance chamber for the enclosure…..which appears very similar in design to a ‘Transmission line’ style of speaker.

….Challenge accepted….I’m going to build a small Transmission line speaker!

3D Printed Speaker enclosures – another rabbit hole

PS95-8After months (and months) I’ve finally been able to pull my thumb out and start a long wanted upgrade of my somewhat old Home Theater system…….With a 3D printed ‘twist’

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Wanhao D9 – Bed leveling -do this to make it work!

Add M420 S1 after G28


Someone on facebook suggested that the stock wanhao Firmware doesn’t handle leveling propertly. They’re right

Check out……..,789128


given the 1000’s of people having issues getting the D9 to print properly, there does seem to be something fundamentally wrong with the printer….


In your Cura / startup script, find G28

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3D Printing – Upgrades – Here we go again!

Haven’t even fully assembled the thing yet and I discover there are many upgrades

many very cheap!, A few expensive, many quick, a few slower…..

I do however own a few Ikea Lack Tables

and being a little dissapointed that my D9 was just too big to fit inside, I’m probbaly going to knock up a small stacker with my 3020 and ender 3! ………..when i’ll actually use all this crap for making stuff for the kids to play with, who knows!, still, the ‘possibilities’ are keeping me sane right now!


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More 3D printing…New toy – Creality Ender 3

Well, after endless weeks of frustration with the D9 and extrusion issues, I’ve gone and done a few things


Purchased a silly amount of ‘spare parts’ at ridiculous prices from random chinese websites – it’s like Christmas! every day!, there’s steady stream of small boxes and packages arriving. I’ll have enough bits to build a couple of spare printers soon…….


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