Nothing much to see here! ….About Bleugh

I’m a parent of two primary schoolers and for fun, sponsored the publication to do my bit to raise money for the local schools.

If you’ve read the advert and wondered WTF?, just know that there’s a Middle Aged bloke, sat at his work desk, giggling like a schoolboy just thinking about how many people are somewhat puzzled right now!

I mean, who hasn’t wanted to write a silly word in large text, (Verdana, Bold) in a slightly posh publication that gets read by several thousand individuals in Cheshire :-p

The word ‘Bleugh’ originated from my reading of the Beano comics back in my youth.

It’s something Dennis the Menace (and others) said regularly, for various reasons, one of which was disliking fish fingers in school dinners!

I’d no idea how it was pronounced, thought it was funny and have used it ever since.

Though, do note, a few of the websites out there have cybersquatted various domains and are nowt to do with me! and are mine.

That’s it, the story of ‘Bleugh’ used by me as a written pseudonym for around 35 years!


As for its current use, it’s a bit of a blog. I’m making and selling small keyboards and various, mostly retro computer related stuff. Maybe one day I’ll grow it into something larger , for now it provides ‘beer money’ and a focus for various hobbies and learning how to ‘make stuff’.


If you’re a bit of a nerd, have fond memories of the Compdore 64, Sinclair ZX spectrum, and live nearby, get in touch!

P.s. Thankyou for the teams for putting on a superb School ball, apologies for my terrible dancing!


Also, join in, help out your sons / daughters schools, they all need more volunteers and hands on to help with all the special activities that your kids do in school. It would be lovely to see new faces dragging tables, serving burgers, cleaning up!




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A500 Mini Feat CR-Scan Lizard

A while back I managed to snag a ‘Super early bird’ for the Creality CR-Scan Lizard on Kickstarter (there were some legal issues ) – the kickstarter is no longer active, and you can purchase them online .

Needless to say, I got a bargain!.

The original software that came with it was ‘crap’ and I struggled to get any scans out of the thing. But, an hour ago, I downloaded the latest version (from here )

and, ten minutes later, after two geometry and 1 texture scan merged, I got the below! – woo

Woo! first scan

Having an accurate scan helps a LOT when recreating things in CAD. Yes, the switches don’t look great, BUT, they’re 7mm squares – what I’m seeing, for the price I paid is, frankly amazing, AND, there’s quite a lot of improvement to be had.

So, next steps – Scanning larger things, and instead of working from photos as a canvas, I can use the original 3D item to create the angles! it’s going to be an interesting few months