6 Months later after a pause..some waffle..

A quick post to say, i’m still around, and will be picking up where I left off soon.

Oh, also, i’ve changed countries, back to Australia and to a small town north of Sydney.

I’ve added some waffle after the break,

I’d lived in Australia for a decade, bought property, met my wife, had kids before we all moved back to the UK for a short while, renting out our place in Oz.

Well, Brexit and some government income tax law changes resulted in some rather nasty mail from HMRC demanding a LOT of money…Amusingly, for me as a Brit, I could no longer afford to live in blighty! couldn’t afford to sell the place down under either, what can you do.

Well, it all came to a head when our lovely UK landlord decided to evict us, demanding we leave less than two weeks before Christmas, leaving us ‘homeless’ with two kids and a wife recovering from surgery!

And, thus we end up here, in a real short time, we went from ‘probably finding another rental close to the kids school’ to ‘stuff it, lets go back to oz’.

a shockingly large amount of things ‘just lined up’, finding a job, wife’s job payout, moving, cheap flights (premium economy too so double luggade!), friends in a ‘stayover’ city making flights even cheaper and a holiday a little cheaper, starting the kids in school, we as a family have had an awesome (and credit card meltingly expensive) time in the states doing ‘kids stuff’, we’re currently camping in our forever home awaiting furniture and the essentials.

all my development stuff, printers are in a container, ready to land in April. I’ve picked up the CAD stuff again, designing bedrooms for the kids, a new post box and various concepts for house renovations…it’s slow, but i’m gaining the buzz…Eyeing up all those switches that can be IOT enabled, checking out blogs about the LG Aircon 1 wire protocol and how to bring into home assistant…Adding wifi relays to the garage doors to enable phone control…the list goes on.

All that stuff isn’t really relevant to the Blinkenator, C64 or A500mini keyboards, BUT, it’s an important segue to get me enthusiastic again

enough waffle, Onwards and upwards!


Author: Bleugh

Early Fourties, Wife, two kids in primary school. Both of us work full time...5 years now we’ve been Back in Blighty after a decade away...It's a new country for everyone! Still finding time to tinker!

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