C64 mini keyboard kit keycaps – Rev 6 and 7

Couple of successful prints! Rev 6 – just binging in stuff and hoping it works.

Rev 7 – more scientific and better CAD – all letters are now 0.2mm wider and deeper. This tiny tweak shows spectacularly well just how big a difference small changes can make.

Still some more CAD to do but soo close to final now!

Bottom row and space bar is Rev 7. Top 3 rows are Rev 6
Closeup of the better definition.

And, finally, the print itself. I’ve learned that supports are critical here. Lots of them!

There’s actually as much material here in the supports as there is in the keycaps, but if you scrimp a little and try to reduce the amount, check out the top left of the picture below. I lost the return key and a few smaller keys were taken with it.

This was a calculated ‘risk’ by leaving this section to just have the standard auto generated supports, every other area had super dense supports.

There will be a middle ground, which I’m working on as I’d like to offer these cheaply…less resin used = cheaper to make!

Also, note the rest of the supports. THey are SO EASY to remove. When I offer these keycaps for sale, again to reduce cost, I’ll probably leave them as you see here. Makes for more robust packing and if you decide to paint them, you already have them held down on a convenient stand!

Cured and partly disassembled

Author: Bleugh

Early Fourties, Wife, two kids in primary school. Both of us work full time...5 years now we’ve been Back in Blighty after a decade away...It's a new country for everyone! Still finding time to tinker!

2 thoughts on “C64 mini keyboard kit keycaps – Rev 6 and 7”

  1. This is looking really promising. I’m glad I won’t have to hack up my existing key caps. You could apply white paint to the top surface of the keys and then quickly wipe it off, so it only fills the letters. Would you need to coat them to protect them from UV light? IIRC resin-printed objects are sensitive to UV light.

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  2. Hi, Thanks for the comment, and the ideas,
    I’m trying to figure out many ways of getting the letters to be coloured. From my end, any method needs to be relativley quick and easily repeatable to make sure that the keycaps are cost effective for everyone.

    If I can find a solution that works well I’ll document it for people to follow.

    If I can’t find a process that’s quick enough then I just won’t offer ready painted keycaps.

    If it takes me 3 hours to get them perfect, it takes me away from doing other things, and I doubt people will pay so much for my time if it’s just a very simple repetitive labour intensive task of cleaning up after paint removal. and I wouldn’t feel right asking that much. I’d rather people buy two sets of cheaper keycaps, their own labour is ‘free’ so they’d get far better value by experimenting on one so the second is perfect. Saying that though, IF I do the F keys in a different colour, I may look at offering TWO sets of F keys so people can practice on one and use the other!

    RE the UV stability, i’m researching this heavily, BUT as of this time, if I apply any clearcoat / laquer to the keys then it fills in the recesses of the letters, so I need to figure out how to , or if i’m going to do the coloured letters first as once they’re sprayed, letters become trickier!

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