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Technical Stuff – Noise


Well, having left the printer on overnight to knock out an urgent print for a friend, I’ve discovered that, it’s a little on the noisy side!

Some googling…….

The Wanhao D9 has FOUR fans!  (yep, FOUR)

One 60x60x15mm fan in the power supply and Three 40x40x10


Two of these…AAA HZHZ 4010 MS 24V DC 0.10Amp fans


One on the extruder, right by the number 7, top yellow arrow

This one is the fan that cools the extruder block


The Bottom fan is a different model in some printers a xxxxxxxxxxxx, it’s the one that powers the blower (which has been suggested is a sub-optimal design, and will be subject to a future upgrade)

mk10 extruder close up2


And, in the power supply a DOCENG DC Brushless Fan – FD216015-SH1 DC 12V and either 0.18A or 0.13A depending on where you find the part – YES, it’s a 12V fan (inside a 24V power supply!)

same model number different current


Alternate current draw on this identical looking fan below!…..

FAN size and noise ovkx2gmqfhrh.jpg

Listening to  the printer, it really sounds like most of the noise is coming from the two fans inside the control unit – the 60mm fan in the power supply and the 40mm one in the enclosure


I may well need to research some replacements for these! Also will research alternate methods of cooling, as larger fans run slower for the same volume of air

Another possibility also – alternate power supplies – the existing power supply is a Meanwell LRS-350-24, a 350.4 watt, 24Volt power supply…it may well be that a larger power supply, or a more expensive / efficient one can run cooler and therfore quieter

Some specs for this 60mm fan……..

  • Connector:XH2.54-2P
  • Dimensions: 60X60X15mm
  • Air flow:24.66CFM
  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V
  • Rated Current: 0.12±10% Amp
  • Rated Speed: 5400±10%rpm
  • Noise: 28±10%dBm
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve
  • Cable Length: 18cm


Doing some preliminary googling on the suitable replacements –


the 40x40x10 fans – though this one’s been reported as noisier, it’s MUCH better quality


and for the 60mm one




I’ll need to try to find some research on quietness vs speed vs cubic volume airflow!, I remember back from my old PC overclocking days that there isn’t really that much difference between the sound the actual fans make, if you run them slower, they make less noise…if you run them in a different enclosure, they make less noise.

There’s a superb white paper I found for a USA based company that’s quantified some fan noise measurements….for me a key takeaway from this blog shows that

  • the meanwell fan location is less than optimal – facing directly above and so close to the PCB it’s generating a lot of noise
  • the meanwell stamped fan grille / finger guard is creating noise



So, long, waffley summary….the printer is LOUD, and it can be quietened…





TinyG – G2 – Arm Processors

Arduino Due 1 – Arduino Due 

Reading up in-depth more about Arduinos, CNC’s and ‘stuff’, I’ve found a superb product called TinyG

Reading further on the Synthetos website about the TinyG, I discovered a forked branch of the code that is called G2. It’s basically a TinyG Arm port that uses their G-Shield, which at the time of writing is, unfortunately sold out.

I’ve noted that the G Shield uses TI’s DRV8825 stepper drivers

Whilst Googling those parts, I discovered – This website that basically suggests that they’re pin compatible with the A4988 used in those cheap drivers I picked up. Main advantage of the G-Shield device is that it can do 1/32th of a microstep, so much finer resolution for the CNC. Given that i’ve trouble locating the spindle within roughly the 30×20 area of the CNC without smashing into the limits, I think i’ll manage with 1/16th for now

Oh, the picture.

The V2 sounded rather good, so, I picked up an Arduino Due also, my favourite cheap chinese webstore had a voucher for 10% off so I bagged this for just over $23 AUD

Grand total for my new Shield is now $44.59. and I have the option of standrd TinyG GRBL, or G2

I think i’m going to spend more time buggering about making the thing cut than actually cutting anything…..Still have the software to go yet

Finally, why I haven’t bought a Syntheos product.

I can see that the TinyG V8 board has been out a little while now, there’s headway being made to V9, even some reports of them out for testing. I’m on the wall right now and really happy learning, tinkering.  i’ll be jumping and buying a V9 when it’s released :-). V8 is a very well reviewed product so I can’t wait to see what V9 has to offer.

For those of you less into the electronics and general tinkering – highly recommend to get a V8, it’s almost plug and play with these cheap, chinese CNC’s

TinyG and G2 – an idea for the future!?

Have been reading up on control methods for the CNC (yep, too much reading, not enough actual do-ing),

Stumbled across something called GRBL, which to summise,is, “an arduino CNC controller”

There’s a shedload of websites regarding GRBL…..so……

I actually own various quantities of each of the following microcontroller boads that i’ve acquired over the years, a few more modern ones include

And, given my recent discovery of GRBL,and a penchant for hoarding un-used demo boards,

I’ve purchased one of these………

an arduino CNC Shield

SKU198457a(3) SKU198457aa

It’s a blatant clone of a couple of other shields out there, at under eight AUD though, it was worth a punt

it uses the standard Polulu style driver modules – that use the A4988 Stepper Driver from Allegro MicroSystems

I picked up five of them also….for just under $14 AUD, three for now, a fourth if I ever figure out 4 axis machining and a fifth as i’ll probably blow something up

a4988 2 A4988 1

so, for a grand sum of $13.81 Plus $7.63 = $21.44 delivered, I have a nice CNC Shield for my Arduino