Super LED Blinkenator – BETA3 – mostly a success

Firstly, D’oh!

now that’s out of the way – have a nose

Two Blinkenators! – with lots of new stuff too!

The new quick fit for the LED’s works perfectly…a final tiny tweak to bring them even closer together is needed, but i’m now quite happy with the result

Close-up of the quick fit

I’ve found that soldering just one opposite point on each jumper gives a nice amount of ‘spring’ and compliance to allow a first relativley easy push in of the LED insert

one downside to these is that no-one reads instrucitons, and it will need a test fitting of each insert first to loosen up the connectors prior to fitting it properly inside the next.

so, summary – Buy board. fit LED’s outside of next. remove LED’s , install in next….

It goes very bright!

However, I have a problem…

The ‘press fit’ headers I purchased

Require waaaaaay too much force to insert.

and, by too much, I mean, even using a hammer…….

So, when the ‘quick’ solution ends up requiring significantly more skill and time than learning to solder………there’s a problem

Ways forward…….

I’m mindful of Design for Manufacture, AND ease of use. my LED inserts are ‘tricky’ to install, but not overly so. If I had the budget to purchase a proprietary spring based solution, it could be so much easier. I have quotes and designs though…….

I may need to delve deeply into ‘quick fit’ solutions again for the J15 connector. if I cut back the functionality, I only need 4 connection points – 0v, 5v, SCL and SDA…….there HAS to be something out there. I’ll have a look for alternate press fits, the ones I have are ‘stamped’ at the bottom. i’ve seen more expensive ones that have holes in , like needles.

But also, just randomly clicking stuff in my favourite websites, I came accross the following

with a slight re-design of the PCB and maybe a small piece of dense foam, it could be feasible to not only make a robust connection to J15. But to also connect all 20 pins AND reduce the total cost of my BOM……

I’ll think some more, i’ll need to spin up another board – not a full one this time.

Author: Bleugh

Early Fourties, Wife, two kids in primary school. Both of us work full time...5 years now we’ve been Back in Blighty after a decade away...It's a new country for everyone! Still finding time to tinker!

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