The Super LED Blinkenator 2000 progress…

This is the inserts being ‘mass produced’ at a PCBA manufacturer:-)

I’ve purchased a reel of 5000 LED’s and paid for them to make and solder them to as many boards as they can…which should be about 620 odd

Also, finalised (I hope) the controller board. Just need to do some final figment checks then sent it off to manufacture.

I’ve added a few new features that I’ll document better another time, for now though they are

USB back powering protection – for when you program the arduino whilst it’s in the Next

Hardware Current limiting! I discovered that when everything’s operating at full whack, this thing pulls HALF AN AMP! That more than quadrupled the power Draw of the whole Next :-p

Typical power draw though is around 150mA, I’m going to limit it to about 320ma / 10mA per LED for those that like to crank it to 11

ESP-01 re-location. No idea how well this’ll work but worth a go to help reduce audio interference. It’ll need a flying lead to be connected

DB+ friendly – I now have an i2c pass through that can connect straight to the DB+

Analogue and digital inputs – reserved for future use, I need to learn how to get the Arduino to use these AND control the lights…at least the potential is baked in!

Author: Bleugh

Early Fourties, Wife, two kids in primary school. Both of us work full time...5 years now we’ve been Back in Blighty after a decade away...It's a new country for everyone! Still finding time to tinker!

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