C64 Mini Keyboard kit – a successful user :-)

By reddit user mfriethm. Looks amazing

I sold the first batch of kits mostly on Reddit

Over the past few weeks they’ve been making their way around the globe and I’ve had a lot of happy reports back

Today, Ive been able to relax finally, the Mould works 🙂

Reddit users fantastic gallery

He’s done an amazing job using a silicone mould!

The workflow – make a mould of your uncut keybaord

Cut the keys out, tidy them up

Place keys in mould

Put glue in keys

Place keyboard on top and use screws to align


Author: Bleugh

Early Fourties, Wife, two kids in primary school. Both of us work full time...5 years now we’ve been Back in Blighty after a decade away...It's a new country for everyone! Still finding time to tinker!

8 thoughts on “C64 Mini Keyboard kit – a successful user :-)”

    1. Hi David!
      I’ll be setting something up soon, just getting all the components together to make batch 2. Had to put some long hours in work so it’s delayed a bit 🙂
      Mid September they’ll be available as I’ll have everything in my hands to kit them up.
      Keep an eye here / Reddit / Facebook 🙂 thankyou for the interest!!


      1. Do you use a push to lock switch for the Shift Lock key? Would it work even if you did. How is payment made for your kits. I’d pay now if I had my way. Note to self, “Calm down, your getting too excited”.


      2. Yes I did and yes it does 🙂
        I’ll be doing PayPal as it’s easiest , always happy to accommodate other ways also!

        day job is madness at the moment so expect to get more sorted mid sept now! I have most of the components already it’s just the time needed to kit them up and pack! That I’m lacking 🙂


  1. Did you post you stl files for the key caps at all? I assume you are not going to be using the originals (cut). I have, like you a 3D printer or two (FDM & UV LCD). Not used the MARS yet so wondered if your caps would be better in resin.


    1. No I haven’t posted them yet! They’re still not finished 🙂 burned out a bit homeschooling and the day job so I’ll resume the CAD in the next few months.
      I may end up selling STL’s or cad files for those with resin printers 🙂
      My plan is to eventually buy a resin printer and sell a complete kit with keycaps!


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