C64 Mini Keyboard Part 7 – More CAD -Anatomy of a keycap

C64 Keyboard Caps 5

After couple of weeks of work, I’ve finally cracked surface modelling with Fusion360 (a bit)

Here’s a bit of a step by step in creating your very own f1 Key! This is a very brief summary of what I should have done if starting from scratch, I’ve left out the trials, errors and headbanging……….

Photograph a keyboard from the side, import it into Fusion as a canvas, scale it, create a sketch and draw around the keys……….

C64 Mini Side Keyboard Profile

Add convex curves to tops of sketches (i’ve used 0.4mm for the indented part), Extrude out for a key length – just over 15mm here

Draw another sketch on the rear of the extrusion with a curve (three point curve – centre point is 0.4mm down from the top) – extend the sketch upwards a little over the key

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 2 .PNG

Extrude ‘n cut – This gives us our key taper. You need to extend above the key as the rear is on an angle – extruding a cut will miss the far end of the key

Make sure to draw construction lines at the 1/2 way points for each sketch

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 3.PNG

Add another sketch to the top of the key surface. by projecting the bottom ‘upwards’ and the top into the sketch. Add some fillets to round off the edges, then create an offset inwards for the thickness of the future shell (i’m using 0.8mm here)

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 4.PNG

Create an offset plane 1/2 way along the key and then a new sketch – project the side sketch into the new plane. Ensure the ‘curve’ part intersects the top sketch

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 5.PNG


Create a new sketch on the bottom of the key body. Hide the original extruded body and go to the surface tab – surface modelling workspace

Create a new sketch some lofts from the bottom to the top key curves as shown

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 6.PNG


Do for all 8 edges and you’ll have this………..C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 7.PNG

Re-show the original body, cut off the curve bit to create a flat plane. Create another sketch on the front of the key as shown below. mark the midpoint and create another curve at the top

Repeat for all sides – Now you’ll have curves at the top of 4 sloped sketches, one on each side

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 8.PNG

Create a Patch – This will follow the curves at the top of each of the sides……C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 9.PNG

Create another patch at the bottom of the key………..

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 10.PNG

Now you have a nice, shiny solid body to play with!

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 11.PNG

Run a fillet along the sharp top edge

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 12.PNG

Find some text matching the F Keys, Sketch and extrude it ‘into’ the key

C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 13.PNG


Then have fun with the local environments in the render module! It’s in a snowy scene because, for me, this is like Christmas 🙂


C64 Keyboard Caps 7 - extrude 14.PNG





Loads left to do still, The fonts are probably going to take the most time now. Have ordered a few batches of switches in <£12 batches to pass comfortably through customs!……

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