C64Mini Keyboard – PCB Layout Success

C64Mini - Final PCB Revision Maybe

After a loooong weekend and sneaking in a few hours – Success with the keyboard layout dimensions!

There’s few tweaks here and there remaining to align things perfectly and also to add some nice Silk Screen artwork

And, how I got there!

Print off 1:1, Measure, compare and re-print. Iteration takes blimmin’ ages!

From Top to bottom – Rev 5 down to Rev 10

And, showing how the measurements compare by slotting in the PCB Layout print.


And Finally the bottom row – showing the edges where the alignment is almost perfect!


I doubt the layout has to be quite as exact as this – at the end of the day the switches i’m chosing to use have roughly 3x3mm ‘inserts’ to fit into a 5x5mm hole in the keyboard button, as long as the switch is positioned on the PCB within +/- 1mm, the insert’ll jam into the button just fine. Here I’m accurate to about +/- 0.2mm I’d say


Next steps…..Additional components and PCB revisions / additions needed to turn this into a USB Keyboard…..

There’s a few ways that this can be done – My preference would be a small additional PCB…….on the top right of the below image

C64 Mini Keyboard - Underside

My thoughts are –

Use the standard ‘matrix’ output 20 pin header and Be able to plug straight on a number of other modules – Namely all sorts of ardunios for Matrix to USB conversion.

Unsure how this’ll work but it’ll free up quite a bit of space

on the other hand it’ll make mounting a little tricker as i’ll need some sort of plug / socket combination – maybe a raspberry pi like 40 pin header ribbon cable, or some type of PCB mount header sockets, I’ll figure it out another time!

Next steps

Physical Switches – testing with a cardboard PCB

Test fit with a cardboard PCB


USB conversion


And…The Biggy

Just how the heck to get the buttons off the plastic AND keep them straight and tidy……..I’ve some ideas there! Did I tell you I own a CNC, 3D printer and a KNK Zing vinyl cutter!, should be able to knock something up there 😛



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