C64 Mini Kebyboard Mod – Switches

Tactile Buttons Google

A quick bit of googling suggests that ‘Tactile Switches’ are what’s needed…..I’ve used these before on other projects,

I went though a few choices (and hours) before finding a seemingly ideal switch (more later)

The types of tactile switch I’ve used in the past were usually a bit wobbly – especially the longer ones. I’ve found that the top will wiggle about when pressing the button, some were a mm or so…I don’t think any keyboard would feel good typing on those – I’ll use these as a last resort if nothing else rolls up.

Tactile Buttons Google TALL

The Shorter ones could be a go, a lot less wobble, but there’s going to be a bit of trickery needed to mount the buttons onto them – that’s fine, I have a 3D Printer and ain’t afraid to use it


After much scrolling through google images, ebay I found this type below – Has an ‘insert’ for the buttons AND is available in < 8.8mm square size……..and it’s cheap………BUT, it’s still that wobbly type of setup. I’d need to do something to restrict it (like this bloke did – Hackaday Link) 

Tactile Buttons Google small Omron with tip


After a couple of days procrastinating and occasionally googling for better ideas, I found what I think may be the perfect switch! My favourite website Aliexpress to the rescue here!

Looks Perfect – Small, Lots of legs, so will be stable.

I Splashed out £5.45 and purchased 120 switches……..90 of the non locking types and another 30 of the locking types (for the Shift Lock Key!)

Now to wait for the slowboat!


Author: Bleugh

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