Still here! – Forthcoming upgrades


In my never ending quest to do everything to this printer, other than to print stuff, I’ve decided to perform a series of upgrades. It’s been a few months of indecision and procrastination, but…


Upgrade 1 – Linear Rails

Found these from a few forum posts recommending the manufacturer in CNC forums…

It’s a Hiwin copy , I’ve purchased the MGN12 – 500mm rails and the MGN12H bearing blocks…

I’ve received the rails and very impressed. Currently waiting another 3 x MGN12H in the post to make 6 total…and then I can get started


AliExpress Hong Yi Automation Store

Upgrade 1 – Part 2 – Linear rail supports, 20×20 aluminium extrusion


LinkCNC aliexpress store


The X axis bar that the print head sits on – just about seen in the picture below is near enough 500mm long!

The two Y axis bars are around 460mm long…ordering 500mm rails and extrusions means that they stick out of the rear of the printer about 50mm or so…BUT, it’ll allow the blocks to be much further apart to give some form of stability



My idea can be seen better below

on the left – The 20×20 with the MGN12 rail on top  could use same Wanhao block that mounts the wheels…I’ll have to drill it with a 20mm square of M3 tapped holes to screw the MGN12H bearing block on…and remove the wheels / standoffs……but that’s the only mod needed…

The BIG advantage of doing this – the MGN12H and MGN12 rail / block combination is nearly identical in height to the wanhao V-Slot / wheel solution!…so, no changes to the extruder height needed!


The one on the right, I plan to use TWO MGN12H bearing blocks and drill holes in the Y axis plate……

I think this will be easier to achieve as the plate is stamped steel, easier to drill AND, i can use a bolt/spring washer to bolt the 4 x MGN12H bearing blocks into place…

Having 4 points of contact onto the Y axis bed will surely make the platform more stable…

Downside – removing the Wanhao Wheel carriages will lower the build plate by 8mm or so….May need tweaking to the X axis gantry / extruder setup….we’ll see


Next level of mod will be to do away with the Stamped steel plate altogether……….watch this space!


Author: Bleugh

Early Fourties, Wife, two kids in primary school. Both of us work full time...5 years now we’ve been Back in Blighty after a decade away...It's a new country for everyone! Still finding time to tinker!

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