Bad prints – Grr, the importance of cooling


After the old soap and water life’s lesson and getting some fantastic print bed adhesion, the printer ‘developed’ * another problem……………


*by developed, I mean, ‘I’m an idiot’…..Probably…………..[just scroll to that bit below to avoid a few paragraphs of waffle

It wouldn’t print very well after the first few hours or so…

See above, there’s a raft on the bottom, the print starts lovely, then, just gives up!

the above looked to me like major under extrusion . Plenty of things on the internet about that, most common is a blocked Nozzle….

Cue jamming the nozzle cleaner thingy down the nozzle and ensuring it extrudes nicely for a few minutes……….then, lets try again………


After a few hours, it looked lovely!….But…as can be seen at the top, it started going a bit ‘odd’ then the nozzle stopped extruding totally, I found the head a few mm above the print, just going into free air!

I’m cursing a bit as you can imagine……..Is there something wrong with the printer AGAIN!!…lol

Cue cleanout, lets try new filament – maybe mine’s gone bad?

Lets try printing new fangled fan cooler found on thingverse


Nup, my workhorse black filament can’t be duff also……

Something’s clearly not right,

Fan’s are spinning……BUT….putting a little ‘spit’ over the edge of the holes on the front of the extruder shows the cooling isn’t running well at all

Lets fire up the print cooler fan…..

Err….they should BLOW, right?

when trying to ensure superheated plastic cools promptly , forced air is a good thing….sucking air….not so effective!


Suffice to say….if you dismantle the printhead and re-assemble, the stickers on the fan should face DOWN… seen in the image above

During my teardown to develop the printhead model – Find at tinkercad – here –   I’d re-assembled the head with the bottom blower fan upside down!…Oops


*I’m an idiot, Probably

The fans were counter rotating, effectively cancelling each other out!

I’ve now re-oriented the two fans so they’re facing the same direction and about to embark on another 30+ hour print!…..fingers crossed…and, YES, i’m going to clean the bed

[Update] – marble machine printed superbly!


Author: Bleugh

Early Fourties, Wife, two kids in primary school. Both of us work full time...5 years now we’ve been Back in Blighty after a decade away...It's a new country for everyone! Still finding time to tinker!

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