Delivery and unboxing of the D9 – part 2

During the unboxing, a bit of an oddity showed up, the build plate didn’t look level at all

taking a picture from the front, looking in, it’s clear that the height between the plate and that block thing is quite a bit more on the right, than the left

…….See post about V Slot Wheels

No worries, lets see if we can level the bed manually


Final assembly image below…and, power up………err


Um, yeah, that’s not supposed to happen!……….

I’ll write this up in another hints and tips section…But, to stop it doing this, you need to…

  • power down, move the axis roughly level
  • move extruder over a bit towards the middle
  • move Y build base forward a bit
  • power up
  • Use the utilities menu to move the X,Y,Z around just a bit
  • Home X,Y,Z
  • xyz

You probably won’t see the issue again….Seems ‘something’ about the Dual Z axis screws doesn’t like it when everything’s near or at the home position when it’s first powered up….which stops the left hand motor driving properly


Lets do a first print –


Author: Bleugh

Early Fourties, Wife, two kids in primary school. Both of us work full time...5 years now we’ve been Back in Blighty after a decade away...It's a new country for everyone! Still finding time to tinker!

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